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icon storeIn Franchise Sales, the goal is to find highly qualified individuals who want to own a business but don’t want to develop one from scratch.

Once you’ve developed your system, including your operations manual, FDD/FA and training programs, you’re ready to launch into sales.

We work with you to generate leads, and then to take them through the qualification process to make certain they are a good fit for your franchise — and that you’re a good fit for them.

icon searchWe Provide The Sales and Lead Generation Services To Bring In Franchisees

We work with you to find the highest qualified leads. We guide your prospects through the franchise application process.  Our goal is to make sure that not only are you successful but that your franchisees are successful also. This creates HAPPY FRANCHISEES! That’s the best testimony you can have as you grow.

icon moneyRoyalties Are How You Make Money In Franchises

Royalties generally range somewhere between 5-10% of gross sales and are paid to you by the franchise owner on a weekly or monthly basis.  This revenue becomes your on-going income.  It’s not quite “passive income” because you continue to provide support, training and growth opportunities to your franchisees long after they open their doors for business, but it is practically “automated”.

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