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With over 30 years in the franchise development business, you want us on your team.

Our franchising review system will help you determine which franchise is best for you. Are you looking to franchise your business? We will set you on the right course for success without wasting time and money.

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The Flynn Franchise Group is the natural outcome of Roger Flynn’s decades of experience in selling franchises and Kathy Flynn’s experience in developing and maintaining corporate training programs as well as customer service and team-centered engagement skills.  Together, they are able to not only successfully sell franchise locations, but they are also there in the day-to-day development process, working with the franchising company to create simple but complete support systems.

The Flynn Franchise Groups believes in keeping things uncomplicated.   The goal is to provide all the information a franchisor or franchisee might need for success and to keep it easy to find, easy to understand and easy to put to use right away.  Our franchise support systems kick in from Day 1 for the franchisee.

In addition, we build a franchise based on the systems and brand you have.  We work to make the strong parts easy to translate into your franchise program, and we work with you to shore up anything you may need a little help with.

We work as a partner with you in building your franchise program, and then, we continue to support you by selling your model and helping you grow your franchise family.


  • Franchise Program Development
  • Franchise Outsource Sales Program

Do you already have an existing franchise program but would like a little help with your growth?  Or feel like it’s time to give your training program or operations manual an update?  We can work with you on individual projects to fuel growth and franchisee satisfaction.

Roger Flynn, President and CEO

Roger has more than 30 years of experience in building and selling franchise systems. He has worked with companies as varied as Travel Lodge, Heavenly Ham, Mr. Transmission, Casual Pint, Cheeseburger Bobby’s, HoneyBaked Ham, Sanford Rose Associates, The Casual Pint and Splash Brothers Cleaning Service. Roger has generated millions of dollars in franchise fees for his clients throughout his career.] He is well versed in taking a franchise system through the necessary stages of development and then creating a sale program that brings in new franchisees for fast, profitable growth. Roger and his sales team work hard to find and
nurture potential franchisees, walking them through the process of applying and purchasing their franchise, as well as making sure that they are a good fit with the franchise system. He regularly consults with franchisors on their deliverables, including the FDD and FA, operations manuals and franchisee training.

Lana Burl, Vice President of Analytics and Process Development

Lana is a Project Manager and Engineer who has spent 25 years developing better processes, solving problems and helping businesses grow—these qualities make her a perfect fit for franchising. Her goal is to maximize the opportunities for growth and profitability in a business. She accomplishes this through reviewing the processes of how a company does business, then suggesting more efficient, less time-consuming and more profitable ways to accomplish a better end result. She has finely honed her skills through her experience in manufacturing, processing and consulting. She has a steady hand, an analytical mind, and is often referred to as “the voice of reason” by team members. Lana not only builds the analytical sections of the FDD, she is also responsible for condensing the processes of the franchisor for the operations manual and works with franchisors on forecasting and preparing for growth.

Kathy Flynn, Executive Vice President and COO

Kathy brings 25 years of management experience with Delta Air Lines, managing over 500 flight attendants at any given time; all while ensuring outstanding customer service, maintaining government compliance and regulations, quality assurance, and leadership development for 18,000 flight attendants and managers. She retired her wings and has put her feet on the ground to build Flynn Franchise Group’s customer service and client relations functions. Kathy firmly believes the best thing you can do for your business is to form a team by providing outstanding customer service with both the internal customers (your employees) and the external customers (those buying your service). With a solid foundation rooted in employee relations comes a strong business that provides exceptional service. Kathy heads up our deliverable sections on human resources, customer service, training and team building. She brings to the table her invaluable leadership experience with skills in management, communications, employee and management development, professional customer service, safety and manual development.

Lisa Beavers, Vice President of Branding and Marketing

Lisa brings more than 30 years of design, marketing and printing experience to the table for our franchisees. She is fascinated by the digital marketing era and works on incredible ways to successfully implement tools and tactics into franchisor sales strategies. Lisa has two decades of creative services management experience, including developing marketing strategies, building creative services teams, and nurturing consistent brand leadership. She guides our franchisors through the realm of marketing and branding, helping them with critical choices to propel companies forward to becoming a well-known brand. Lisa is also instrumental in developing content for operations manuals.